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BFW R & D Overview

Jan 25, 2019

At BFW, we are always looking at driving innovation in every facet of our work. We believe that innovation is the source of tremendous value creation. R&D plays a huge role in helping us develop innovative offerings that serve our customers well.

Our Focus in Designing CNC's

BFW was founded in 1961 to enable progress. Machine tools play a crucial role in the development of many products. We can see the effect of our work as it percolates from our customers till the end user.

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We aim to be among the top twenty machine-tool manufacturers globally by setting next-generation standards of excellence & technology leadership.

The BFW R&D Dr. Kalam Centre for Innovation located in the main factory premises of Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd. focuses on applied research aiming to enhance the performance of Computer Numerically Controlled machine tools in terms of productivity, human-machine interaction experience and technical attributes such as accuracy, precision, surface finish.

It focuses on various steps which improves the vibration damping capability of a machine tool structure to result in better surface finish, tool life, cycle time and machinability of hard materials.

IOT - the next Frontier

BFW has developed an Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform which offers real-time monitoring of the CNC through a secure, robust and cloud-based infrastructure. This allows for report generation, diagnosis, performance optimization. IRIS, our IoT based service provides real time alerts that help enhance productivity, reduce inefficiency and more. Importantly, IRIS assesses machine performance and provides alerts for pre-emptive maintenance that saves time, cost and prevents breakdowns.

BFW CII Innovation Award

Jan 25, 2019

BFW’s products contribute to every facet of life from automobiles to electronics to medical technology. Understandably BFW has products relevant across the manufacturing industry from makers of plastics buckets to manufacturers of aerospace components.

BFW has been providing metal cutting solutions for over 5 decades. Over these years we have created products known for their rigidity, productivity, modularity and reliability. Early in our journey we built a strong foundation of innovation which we constantly infuse into our products.

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Innovation plays an important role for Indian companies to be competitive in the domestic and global markets. The CII Industrial Innovation Awards have been recognizing and celebrating innovation since 2014. An eminent panel selects meritorious companies from a large number of entries.

BFW is proud to announce that it was recognized as one of the Top 25 Most Innovative Companies in India at the prestigious CII Industrial Innovation Awards. BFW was chosen for this certification from more than 600 companies across nation.

This award demonstrates that BFW is one of the front runners of manufacturing industry. BFW’s relentless focus on innovation has resulted in new benchmarks for the industry.

At BFW, we believe that innovation, integrity, and customer focus are the three pillars of our success. We are committed to offer our customers products that really serve their requirements of productivity, rigidity, reliability, versatility, modularity etc. This intense customer focus serves as the springboard for our innovation.

We sincerely thank to CII Innovation Awards for appreciating our work and encouraging us to rise to the next level.