Virtual Exhibition

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‘Why’ do companies need ExhibitionZ?

Companies are looking for means to offer
‘Liberty’ to its customers, to ‘Choose’ –
• ‘Place’ that they want
• ‘Time’ when they want
• ‘See’ what they want and
• ‘Share’ with whoever they want

‘What’ is ExhibitionZ?

‘ExhibitionZ’ is a virtual form of your booth at any trade show, that showcases your
• Product Displayed & Information
• Technical Sheets
• Real World Applications
• Sales Pitches
• Product Videos
• Attend Leads Immediately

‘When’ do companies need ExhibitionZ?

• When they want to utilise a prolonged benefit of their presence at an exhibition
• Offer a virtual experience to your prospective customer post exhibition 24/7 for a specific period
• Assist your sales team in creating a recall value with walk-in customers

‘How’ will the Exhibitor benefit?

• ‘Accountability’: With our ‘Click Through’ algorithm installed, you know the count of visitors, pages and time spent on pages
• ‘Reach’: Your products reach customers realtime, overcoming all geographical barriers, which we like to call – ‘Zero Boundaries’

‘How’ will Visitors Benefit?

• ‘Leisure’: Being online, visitors can access your virtual booth at a time of their preference and location
• ‘Choice’: By using search filters they can fetch only the most relevant information
• ‘Sharing’: They get the option of sharing your information on almost all online platforms at any step of their journey

Additional available features

1. Live and Bot Chat
2. Download Catalogues
3. Call Centre Support
4. Lead Generation
5. Product Specifications in the form of Benefits | Application | Technology | Customers
6. Every Week we are adding new features to the platform to make it fruitful for Exhibitors and Visitors.