Organizer Marketing Strategy

@Ramanora, we believe in the handshake between Organizers and the Exhibitors.
We will develop a form which could be easily added to the exhibitors website, so as to get higher reach and effective visitor registrations through different promotional activities planned by the exhibitors like, mailers, whats app promotions, SMS, website promotions, social media and so on. Exhibitor Registrations helps in getting the right information of the exhibitor, which becomes the base for all promotions and marketing for the event.


1. Exhibitor Registration
2. Visitor Registration
3. Exhibitors Microsite with Visitor Registration
4. Smart Invite
5. Business Match Making
6. Exhibition App for better connectivity between the visitors and the exhibitors
7. Social Media Kiosks
8. WhatsApp Promotions
9. Lead Management System
10. Extension to Exhibition (Virtual Exhibition)


  1. Reach to a Designated Audience
  2.  Engagement Based on the Need of the Visitor
  3.  Effective Visitor Tracking for future shows
  4.  Branding Facility for Exhibitors beyond Exhibition ground
  5.  Collaborative effort from the exhibitors and the Organisers
  6.  Ease for Visitors and Exhibitors to Interact
  7.  Prolonged Value for the Exhibition and the Exhibitors.