How ‘Virtual Exhibitionz’ has changed the way we think of exhibition!

In the realms of sales and marketing, Exhibitions play a very important role. You show and hopefully you sell. This statement is short and may sound cute but it is far from the truth! It needs months (if not years!) of careful planning & proper strategies to arrive at a point where an exhibition can be called a success. These exhibitions are all over the country and only increasing in numbers. Participating in all means a dedicated team tasked with the objective of making these a success.


Ramanora Global’s ‘Virtual Exhibitionz’ is then a welcome change in the way we see exhibitions! It substantially lowers the risks involved in being part of exhibitions! It is the first such initiative where an exhibitor can showcase products and services in a virtual exhibition! Advantages galore, this is one service any and every exhibitor ought to use.


As to how it has changed the very way exhibitions are thought of, mentioned below are a few points which incidentally, are also Virtual Exhibitionz’s USP!


  • It has brought exhibitions from a particular location to the location of the visitor’s choice! Yes, you can see it from anywhere on the planet without bothering about being at the right place at the right time. The right place is where you are NOW!
  • It has brought exhibitions out of the 9 AM to 6 PM routine to a 24 hours format! Anytime is good time provided you have proper connectivity. If your office or commitment finishes at 7.00 in the evening, you needn’t rue about the fact that the exhibition time is over for the day. Just log-on from any gadget and you are ON!
  • Only to be visited by particular individuals: If you have the right credentials, only then can you visit an exhibition! NOT ANY MORE! Your connectivity is credentials enough! No hierarchy, no paper-work. A visitor can visit listed exhibitions and no one can question the reason behind the visit!
  • See what-ever is available. Visitors aren’t constrained by what you show. If they do not find the same interesting enough, they have all the required filters to go to someone else’s booth. BEWARE EXHIBITORS! Visitors can’t be taken for granted any longer!

It gives an extra reason for any exhibition to be successful. Exhibitions are exciting in terms of their potential to land the manna from heaven. But then what looks good invariably has strings attached. So do Exhibitions! What if after all the hard work, the right kind of visitors or in right numbers does not land up at the exhibitor’s booth/ pavilion? This is one risk which gets considerably reduced with online Exhibitionz, which becomes an extension to the former giving it more exposure not only in a select area but over the entire planet!

7 Facts about Virtual Exhibition that will impress your visitors!

Like everything virtual these days, Exhibitions too have gone virtual! Like a YouTube video which can be seen any number of times, you can see an exhibition and/ or parts of it at your convenience anywhere on the planet…. courtesy Ramanora’s Exhibition marketing strategy! is a service offering from Ramanora Global; India’s finest in corporate communication! It offers your viewers/ browsers/ visitors access to your recently concluded exhibitions by video graphing the entire proceeding as though it is happening in real time. Visitors to your online exhibition get a feeling as though they are at your actual exhibition and can even ask questions/ post queries and get your attention!

Neat, isn’t it? From the convenience of your home/ office on the other side of the globe, at any time of your choice, your clients can view your booth, interact with you and send in their queries!

Mentioned below are the 7 USP’s of your virtual exhibition presence which your visitors would find most impressive!

  1. Being virtual, it can be accessed at any time

Do power-stations sleep or for that matter your cell-phones or your internet? NEVER! If that is so, why should your exhibition booth? It too can and should remain open for all times to come 24 hours a day. In the real world, it would be impossible given physical constraints. These melt away in cyber-space and there is where Ramanora’s Exhibition marketing strategy! finds its feet!

  1. Being virtual, it can be accessed from any where

Can an exhibition in BIEC Bangalore be seen at any place other than its venue and that too for a defined time? NO! But what if it is a very important even like an IMTEX, EXCON, PLASTINDIA and the likes? Can you afford to lose out on leads which keep pouring in even on the last day of the exhibition? In the real world, you would have to turn away your probable clientele. In the real world, they connect with you from anywhere irrespective of time and place! Space and time thus become fluid!

  1. Being virtual, it can be accessed by anyone

Most exhibitions like the ones in BIEC Bangalore or Delhi and Mumbai are visited by the August crowd, i.e., the kind who occupy the leading positions in the organization. They in turn send down the details to subordinates and the likes. Accesses are thus restricted to a select few. What if the visitors are not the actual users and/ or decision makers and the visitors can’t explain themselves to the real users? A sheer waste of time and opportunity! Virtual EXHIBITIONZ put an end to this absurdity. It’s space-neutral and time-neutral approach means that it can be accessed by anyone irrespective of hierarchy at anytime from anywhere.

  1. It can be seen through any gadget

Cyberspace has evolved for the better and that too at the right time! On the site, an exhibition can be seen on any medium be it a laptop connected to a super-large screen or a tab, a cell phone or anything which can support adequate band-with for the internet to function. An important visitor/ browser armed with just a smart-phone could make a great deal of difference!

  1. It has options for visitors!

At least Ramanora’s Exhibition marketing strategy does! Not all sections of all exhibitions would be of interest to all. It therefore prevails that there should be a provision to select what you want to view and see just that. This works not just across organizations or between industries but also with a single organization. A CEO/ MD/ VP’s needs are substantially varied from those of a Production Manager, a Floor Manager or a Supervisor. A virtual exhibition is thus provides everything to everyone… within defined areas.


  1. It aids your on-the-ground efforts in exhibitions in getting leads!

For an exhibitor, a parallel virtual exhibition always helps bolster what is going on in real-time. Things one may have missed in the real exhibition can be seen online! Also, a virtual exhibition like exhibitionz is quite vast in its scope and can greatly enhance the experience of having visited the stall/ booth in real-time!

  1. It gives visibility to your exhibitions anywhere and everywhere on the globe:

Presence online is one thing. Selling it is quite another! A well-hyped exhibition in any part of the globe can be quite a let-down for those who cannot be there. It is during such times that an online presence can be of great help. It extends the scope of an otherwise country-specific or city-specific exhibition!

7 Ways in which Exhibition marketing strategy could help you get the right visitors!

Exhibitions help expand sales! There can’t be any doubts on that. Doubt lies in the way we go about trying to promote it. Since most companies are either into products or services, chances are that their efforts into making strategies to increase presence at Exhibitions may come a cropper.

What then? Look outwards! Manufacturing and services company should concentrate on their core areas of business and leave specialized activities such as marketing strategies to the likes of Ramanora Global, a communication specialist which has its own “PATENTED” Exhibition Marketing Strategy!

One could be tempted to ask the obvious. How can Ramanora Global’s Exhibition Marketing Strategy help get the right visitors?

Well…read on!

  1. Given the longer lead time it increases the chances of attracting the right crowd

Exhibition Marketing Strategy typically start months before the event and is a high-volume, high-decibel campaign. Given this long lead time, and given the finesse of the campaign, it is but natural that the messages SHALL reach a wide, wide audience which shall ultimately result in a higher footfall and the exhibition(s).

  1. Since multiple mediums are used to communicate, hit-rate is higher

Digital media, telephones and various other formats are used to send details of the exhibition, its significance, reach, range etc. Given the multiplicity of mediums available, hit-rate is very, very high. Given the presence of the smart-phone in practically ever hand, the chance of missing out is very, very small.

  1. With right staff at the exhibition, client servicing is assured!

Exhibition Marketing Strategy is an all-encompassing term which covers even front-office and junior sales staff who are trained by Ramanora Global to handle basic visitor query. Done with care and commitment (which of course is a given!), it assures recall value as also word-of-mouth publicity which helps attract larger number of visitors.

  1. Presence of product and corporate videos acts as a magnet!

Exhibition Marketing Strategy from Ramanora Global, as a policy uses videos of products, organization and past events extensively. Doing so, visitors get a clear idea as to what is available at the exhibition! Visitor testimonials too are aired which helps prospective visitors who may be fence-sitters, make a quick decision about attending the exhibition.

  1. Live social-media updates helps add newer visitors

Digitization and improved bandwidth in the recent past has made it very easy to stream live footage of any exhibition. This is one of the main USPs of Ramanora’s Exhibition Marketing Strategy and goes a long, long way in attracting would-be visitors to any exhibition. Given India’s smart-phone penentration, this is a very, very potent medium which gives excellent results!

  1. Visitors’ testimonials along with photos helps convince visitors

Ramanora’s Exhibition Marketing Strategy makes extensive use of visitor’s testimonials while giving details of the visitor. This increases the level of authenticity in whatever is being portrayed and goes a long way in convincing the right kind of people to be part of the exhibition.

  1. Post exhibition activities like thank-you mailers, messages & appointment calls & mailers besides social media presence helps seal relation with visitors

Ramanora’s Exhibition Marketing Strategy does not end on the last day of the exhibition! It in fact goes on for quite some time! Post exhibition activities including a standard thank-you mailer, calls and emails for appointment and social media presence helps establish the exhibitor’s long-standing relation with prospective clientele. The latter invariably open up to others who too in subsequent exhibitions, are likely to visit the exhibitor’s stall.

5 ways in which Exhibition Marketing Strategy can keep you out of trouble at exhibitions!

Exhibitions are the perfect way to increase visibility and consequent sales. Buyers come there in hordes and if the seller is prepared, they can meet up understand the needs perfectly and if all goes well, cut a deal either there itself or within some time.

But given the levels of competition and limited resources, clients are hard to get despite the best of efforts. Also, these exhibitions, despite an increase in their numbers, have started to get expensive. The way out of this situation is to appoint an expert who would help formulate the perfect Exhibition Marketing Strategy which assures the right quantum of returns.

Ramanora Global of Pune is an old hand at Exhibition Marketing Strategy! Giving them a chance to formulate the right strategy and implement could get you the following benefits:

  1. Your presence has been registered long before the exhibition itself. This means only one thing! An increased footfall due to larger number of clients. We create the buzz months before the event so that the number of visitors who know of your presence is substantial.
  2. You know how exactly to handle them: Since you know that a large number of visitors are likely to visit your stall, you are prepared well for their welcome as also giving them all the services and information that they expect. Ramanora Global’s Exhibition Marketing Strategy contains a very important element of training for the front-office staff including conducting laughter-yoga session in times of stress which these exhibitions and visitors invariably bring!
  3. You have trained front-office staff: Exhibitions are not your local selling during occasions like Diwali and the likes. They are a very, very serious activity given that millions hinge on their success. Corporate entities from the world over attend these exhibitions and one cannot afford to annoy them with poorly-trained staff. To make it a success through and through, Ramanora gives basic etiquette training to your front-office staff so that they appear courteous to the visitors.
  4. You can send personalized messages before, during and after the exhibitions: From welcome SMSs to emails to mass communication throughout the exhibition right down to its end and beyond, Ramanora does everything for an exhibitor so that the latter concentrates only on the actual activity of meeting clients and increasing business!
  5. You shall have the most updated client list: At the end of the exhibition, details of all the visitors shall be collated and a consolidated. What the clients get is complete information of who visited and had what to say. Basis the same, future campaigns can be handled.

5 Myths about Exhibition marketing strategy

What can be seen can be sold. When the stakes are high, it makes sense to bring demand and supply on a single platform so that they size each other and transact business. In other words, an Exhibition!

Over the years the economy growing and so has competition which means the number of exhibitions have increased and so too the urgent need to succeed. In normal circumstances, it would mean an exhibitor takes up the onus of the entire exercise right from creating the buzz months before the exhibition to fixing the venue, stalls, décor, staff to finally getting all the leads in place. A huge, huge activity, most of it though is not the main activity of an organization.

Helping organizations make a success out of exhibitions is Ramanora Global with its patented product: EXHIBITION MARKETING STRATEGY!

With packages which suit every need and every pocket, you make a success out of an activity which others would fine onerous. Despite its being an innovative concept, there are those who see it in a very different light. Today we present 5 myths about Exhibition Marketing Strategies, which at the end are just that, myths!

  1. It can be done in-house!

So can cooking, cleaning, commuting, couriers and a whole load of activities which in today’s world of super-specialization are deemed other-than main-line activities which can safely & cheaply be done by outside agencies! Imagine getting involved with tele-callers, bulk-mailers, decorators etc when the same time can be better utilized planning on how and what to show at the exhibition and garner more leads and ultimately sales! When number of exhibitions and number of visitors swell, they go beyond the level where an organization can and should deal with them. This is when the specialist ought to be brought in ie. Ramanora Global’s EXHIBITION MARKETING STRATEGY!

  1. They are just an extension to marketing at Exhibitions

If only it was so simple which unfortunately it is not! They are much, much beyond that! It starts months in advance to an exhibition and continue right till meeting are arranged for the exhibitor company. They constitute among other things, recruiting front office personnel, tele-callers, bulk-mailers etc. An activity in itself, if an exhibitor gets into the nittie-gritties of such things, chances are they shall do nothing else for sure!

  1. They are expensive and time consuming

Ramanora Global has different packages which appeal to all manner of exhibitors! Different strokes for different folks! It may seem expensive but what you get is priceless besides the fact that you have time on your hands to attend to your visitors and customers. Money can be recovered with higher sales, time can’t! Also, what you get is specialized services from the specialists. You get ready made information right down to arranging of meetings with visitors who attended the exhibition.

  1. Exhibitors need specialized staff to do the same, in the absence of which it does not make sense!

The myth just answered for us. Yes, it needs specialists right down from arranging for connectivity, kiosk upkeep, front-office staff training, myriad messages etc. and should be left to specialists such as Ramanora Global. Appointing all these folks on one’s payroll is one way of inviting trouble besides unnecessarily increasing expenses!

  1. Our products do not really need any kind of Exhibition marketing strategy!

Either you don’t care or possibly you don’t know! Either way, you, the exhibitor is the loser. If you plan to attend an exhibition, it obviously means you have done some amount of arithmetic re what you could get from the engagement. Where left to specialists such as Ramanora Global for its Exhibition marketing strategy, rest assured, your efforts shall come out with flying colors!


Myths need to be set aside in order to succeed in any venture. They say the proof of the pudding is in its eating. We say, what you shall get at the end of an exhibition using Ramanora Global’s Exhibition Marketing Strategy is nothing short of a surprise…a surprise you could never have dreamt of!